OKCS Preschool

Preschool is a wonderful time to discover the joy of learning.  Christian education enriches character development with the practice of the Fruits of the Spirit and understanding that children are not too small to make a difference…we truly are God’s children!

Preschool classes focus on kindergarten readiness with learning and recognizing letters, sounds, and blending for reading readiness.  We recognize colors and shapes with hands on games and art.  Our fine motorskills get a workout with learning to use scissors.  This is a FUN accomplishment!

In preschool, each day is an adventure where we learn to make friends and we are excited to learn new things to help us become emotionally ready to walk into kindergarten with a feeling of independence and enthusiasm.

At OKSC, you will find your preschool teachers dedicated to helping your child on this journey and feel the love of God in this adventure.