Math & Science

Math & Science

15Middle School Math and Science is an exciting transition from elementary to high school. We work hard, fellowship, and grow tremendously in math and science.

In sixth grade, we spend some time on basic skills, giving students that last “push” that they will need in order to be successful in higher level mathematics. After that, we enter into simple equations, geometry, probability and statistics. We transition students to Pre-Algebra content as quickly as possible.

In seventh grade, we enter the world of Pre-Algebra and spend our year preparing for Algebra.

In eighth grade, students take a full year of Algebra 1 in preparation for high school. Many students will be prepared to enter Geometry or Algebra II (depending on high school of attendance). Those who still need additional time to master Algebra concepts will be encouraged to take summer school Algebra or take Algebra again in high school.

Students who enter OKCS as seventh or eighth graders and have already taken Algebra 1, will be offered the opportunity to take an Advanced Algebra option or move on to Geometry or Algebra II.

Science at OKCS is based on Earth, Life, and Physical science. God created a diverse and amazing world and we have the opportunity to explore His creation. We use a variety of instructional methods to engage all students. We enjoy yummy earth activities, dissect flowers, examine hair samples, build roller coasters, and race toy cars. These are just the beginning of what students experience in middle school science.

Technology is an integral part of our classroom. Thanks to the generosity of a donor, all middle school students have access to the Chromebook laptop lab during class. Online homework can be accessed on any browser or any platform/device. All students need is an internet connection.

Mrs. Hunter hosts two Google Sites for her classes. These sites can be accessed from anywhere on any browser.
Minion Math
Minion Science
OK Robotics