About our School


Principal’s Welcome

Our life with Christ is to be an adventure filled with joy, love, learning, laughter, and community.  That’s what Olive Knolls Christian School offers your child beginning in preschool and all the way through the eighth grade.

In today’s cultural decay, you have searched for a safe place for your child’s education, but hunger for more than protection.  When your student graduates from middle-school, you want them prepared to face a world hostile to the values with which you raised them.  Will your future teen be able to face today’s world and remain strong and courageous? That’s what we do here.  We have been established since 1979 to inspired and equip the next generation of truth seekers who discover and maximize their God-given talents to become salt and light in their world!  We look forward to having your child join us!

Mr. Rusty Rhodes, Principal


Olive Knolls Christian School has been established to inspire and equip generations of students who will activate their sense of responsibility, commit to a Christ-called character, seek truth with a passion, maximize their God-given talents, and pursue a life-long vision to transform their world for the glory of God!


We’re not here to shelter students. Our mission is to prepare them!

Expected School-wide Learning Results

Please come and visit our facilities and for any questions, please call 393-3566.


We do not use the Common Core methods or philosophies. But we meet and surpass the California State Standards using proven methods and with teachers who are skilled in adapting to the learning styles and needs of our students. Most recently this is proven in that 80% of our recent graduates tested out of their freshman math course.

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It is not unusual for public schools to have 30 to 34 students in a classroom. This practice alone makes it difficult to tailor teaching to the individual needs of students. We make it a point to keep our rosters small. It is our goal to have minimum class rosters and a maximized learning experience.