• see you at the pole kinder
  • 5th grader chapel
  • 5th grade chapel
  • 4th grade chapel
  • See you at the pole
  • Chapel hugs
  • Jabo worship
  • Chapel prayer
  • Raise Your Children in the Way of the Lord....
  • Tack Tourist Day
  • Marley\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Mutts Fundraiser

News to Know

OKCS Welcomes Pastor Rusty

Pastor Rusty Rhodes has joined the school team this year as the new Administrator/Principal. He brings his expertise in education…

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Olive Knolls Church of the Nazarene

www.oliveknolls.com  OKNAZ established OKCS in 1979 with six students and one Principal/Teacher. Today God has blessed it with nearly four hundred….

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Why Private School?

ACSI Accredited School Benefits

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